who is behind

Jemusic Studio? 

For over four decades, Jeff has been helping industry composers, musicians and songwriters finish

music with top-shelf, professional mixing and mastering.

Having helped thousands of clients see projects to fruition, Jeff specialises in making music sound the absolute best it can without sacrificing the individual musical vision of the artist.

If you’re an industry professional looking for the best, most reliable production of your soundtracks for film, television or online distribution, Jeff’s veteran knowledge will put your score at the forefront of today’s musical landscape.


As a career musician or songwriter, your music will only stand out with the highest quality production. If you want your music to have the impact it deserves, don’t let an average mix or mastering job ruin all your hard work.
Jeff’s wealth of industry knowledge and engineering mastery will give your project maximum impact with a platform ready, professional sound that showcases your unique,musical voice.